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1. summary or online application (below)

2. aerial map of land ( we need clear boundary map ) its land, so knowing the boundaries are pretty important..

3. purchase contract (signed, if a purchase)

We review quickly (within 24 hours and let you know our interest)

***These are bridge loans (1 - 5 years) , These are not bank loans - rates are 9% +


**When sending PDFs and other supporting docs use the link below rather than email, its faster and easier than faxing.

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QUICK ONLINE REQUEST -BELOW **( We use as our initial review and underwriting summary , please be specific and present a clear request)

Name of borrower- guarantor : (Borrower Name)
Your Positon in relation to loan request :
IF A Mortgage Broker (Name) and best contact
Email Address:
loan Introduction (short opening statement from borrower or broker about the project,story, reason,etc for loan):
loan amount wanted :
***IF REFINANCE** Original Purchase Price :
What type of property?
What is currently on the land (if anything) ?
***Original Purchase date :
Original Purchase Price (if a refinance) :
What is purpose of loan /use of funds : Explain the "Story" of the deal, include history to present date :
***What is current loan balance?
Purchase price (indicate NA if refinance):
Current value of property (as is value / market):
What is current COUNTY TAX APPRAISAL DISTRICT VALUE : (provide link) :
Address or exact location of property,intersection:(include aerial map ) need boundaries:
Please Describe the land (acres,feet, location, access, frontage...)
Please discuss possible exit strategies from short term (1-3 year) loans :
What is current zoning :
discuss any easements, flood plain, other (if none known, pleaes indicate):
Discuss utilities (are they there, whats needed, etc.) :
Confirm what is needed to get all entitlements needed to build on land:
does borrower have any credit issues, judgements, other:
Can borrower provide financial statement and tax returns :
upload any available 3rd party documents (appraisal, survery, contract..)