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Since 2003, Monty Busch – Urban Coyote Funding has specialized in arranging debt for investors of real estate. What started as bank loans for residential properties (and we still do those today) has evolved into raising private capital for use on commercial real estate AND residential properties for debt, equity and purchases.

Our group is both a lender (as we do loan our own capital) and intermediary to various small niche capital groups in Texas.


Flexibility is our strength. By having a multitude of available resources and funds we are better positioned to offer solutions for complex yet sound real estate projects and land development.


This is my site. I have spent the last 12 years learning to facilitate private money loans for land development and acquistion and rehab of both commercial and residential property. I am an experienced investor myself having bought and sold over 20 homes in the last 8 years. I am also an active landlord currently holding over 12 properties.


Transactions for commercial land and residential land investment type projects can be far more complicated than the ordinary bank loan. For the owner occupier or developer, real world experience will give me an edge in finding the best deal for my clients.


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