Private and Hard Money for Land loans , Raw land and development

Our land loan review and funding can be used for the following :



Raw land loans are designed to be a bridge:

Development for construction of residential lots , commercial lots and site preparation

Infrastructure - roads - other


Entitlements for zoning


Underwriting Raw Law Land :

Typical funds occur at 50 - 70 % of  “as is value” if existing appraisals, consider the
   Marketing exposure time noted. Less than 12 months is key.

Loans may be funded "up" for development as improvements will increase the value


Some questions:


What is intended use of land

What is access

what is the general area

What is topo and how will it affect engineering and grading


For purchase, typically 65% of cost at most



Items needed for consideration for funding:

  Initial Loan Request (see link)

  Loan application (apply online on this site)


"the story" of the deal , should include the following :
  Details on the land (survey, vicinity map, zoning issues,history, ...why should the loan or development take place?)
  Explain the exit strategy and loan repayment.

Borrower background resume : - Can we see references of past projects, equity partners and ability to execute,deliver within budget

land loan checklist

Aerial map - with clear boundaries

**discussion - summary of land transaction (first thing)

borrower-sponsor info- background

contract if purcahse, and history if refinance

all 3rd party available reports