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Commercial hard money for income producing property.

Commercial Rehab Loans

One of the most often requested type of hard money / bridge loan is a loan for the purpose of improving commercial properties. The proceeds are used to improve and repair the property which may then be used or re-sold for a profit. Bridge money can work well in this situation because traditional banks and underwrting methods may not allow for purchase of property where significant repairs are needed. This is especially true for income properties such as apartment buildings where a high percentage of vacancies may exist due to repairs or poor management may have existed under previous ownership. Commercial rehab loans are often for properties facing foreclosure, so quick funding is needed.

Rehab lenders are a specific niche market of hard money lending, . Hard money may fund up to 75% to 80% of the after repair value. Most private investors will require the buyer or borowerer to put up 20% of equity into the deal. This may be in hard equity (cash) or ownership of land if construction funds are needed.

Genrally, rehab hard money lenders fund up to 80% of the purchase price and another 80% of the after renovated value (ARV) while you rehab the property.


Loan Summary (download form) use this form to submit a loan request. This will ask most questions to determine if the deal is something a hard money investor would have an interest in funding.

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